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Who We Are



An Munia Tober is the new Travellers support program for Belfast.
An Munia Tober provides a variety of services to the Traveller community.
It has been formed through the amalgamation of Belfast Travellers Support Group (BTEDG/BTSG) and Belfast Travellers Education Development Group.
The site will inform the Traveller community on training, travel, and development opportunities.

Traveller Focus Week 1st - 5th of December 2008

Traveller Focus Week is a celebration and awareness raising week for Traveller issues held each year across the island of Ireland. This year the theme is Intercultural Dialogue a theme taken from the European Year for 2008 as decided by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. For further details about events being held in your area, please click here to go to the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland website.



- Traveller Focus Week 1st -5th of December 2008
Click Here to go to the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland Website

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